Monday, February 14, 2011

Hustle Episode 6 Clip Representation of class and status

Spooks Series 3 Episode 10

This is the opening of the next epsiode we're going to analyse. We're especially focussed on how we are positioned to sympathise with characters and not with others through camerawork and editing. We are also going to analyse camerawork and editing across the episode.

There are guides on the series and episode on Scribd - check the links

The episode is on m-drive and on Youtube (although it is broken down into 7 rough cuts - see videobar below right)

Life On Mars Clip

The Radio Times Life on Mars website is linked here
Link to all the episodes
Link to Series Two, Episode 8

Hovis Ad Questions

Hovis Advert – Readings

The sections

1. In the bread shop
2. Cart
3. Women’s March
4. Soldiers
5. Street with car
6. War – bombs, people passing and plane
7. Street Party
8. Girls/Football players
9. Street with Asians and TV Shop
10. Cole not Dole strike/protest
11. Fireworks
12. Home
13. Sound throughout the sequence
14. Narrative/Story development through whole advert

Use these sections. Write up on your blog detailed notes on how the concepts listed below contribute to create meaning:


DEADLINE: Monday 9th FEB 09

Hovis Ad